Wellness Essentials Podcast

Wellness Essentials Podcast

EP 4: The truth about teen vaping

Did you know that 90% of individuals who smoke or vape start before the age of 20? Although the tobacco and nicotine industry are prohibited from marketing to minors, the stats show a different story. The effects of teen vaping go beyond the lungs and can cause brain issues, including anxiety, depression, and extreme rage. 

As Dr. Lester Hartman states, it’s never too early to start the vaping discussion with your child, “Start talking to your kids when they are in first grade. If you are talking to a kid in 5th grade, it is too late.”

Key Takeaways: 

  • Signs to look for if your child is vaping
  • What to do if your child is vaping (resources and tools)
  • How you can get involved, so your child doesn’t start

Hit play and empower yourself as a parent and get the knowledge you need to get ahead of the vaping game or find resources to help if the problem becomes real for your family. 


Parents Against Vaping (PAVE)

Truth Initiative

Tobacco Free Kids

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