Wellness Essentials Podcast

Wellness Essentials Podcast

EP: 7 Cut through the controversy and discover the untapped potential of cannabis

When it comes to cannabis, we may have a preconceived notion and associate it as a stigmatized recreational drug. Yet, science is uncovering another side to this particular plant and its potential for therapeutic purposes and more. 

In this episode, discover what cannabis is and the potential benefits it ca have in the health and wellness industry.

Hear from Sara Tupper, cannabis advocate and co-founder of Sara Jane, a company providing canna-curious women with tools to elevate her cannabis experience.

Key Takeaways

 • Learning the differences between THC and CBD

 • Breaking through the stigma associated with cannabis

 • Exploring the cannabis plant and what it can offer

 • How to balance stress by incorporating cannabis

 • Connecting with other women who are canna-curious

 • Comparing/contrasting the cannabis and alcohol

Learn More about Sarah Jane at: https://yoursarahjane.com/

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